ADHD at work

Learn more about ADHD and talk to your doctor

ADHD symptoms - how to recognize the signs at work

You may be suffering from ADHD and not even know it. 

Some symptoms include difficulty with:

Trouble starting and finishing projects

Difficulty managing project timelines

Difficulty with focus in meetings (in person or virtual)

Feelings of underachievement

Making careless mistakes

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Working from home while living with ADHD

If you're living with ADHD and working from home, there may be ways to help improve your focus while working from home. Watch the video to learn more:

ADHD isn’t just a work issue

It's important to recognize how ADHD may be impacting you in all aspects of your everyday life so you can work with your doctor to find a management strategy that works for you.

How to talk to your doctor?

When you talk to your doctor about ADHD, it is important for you to describe your experiences and their impact on your life. You can refer to your ADHD self-assessment results, along with the discussion guide, during your conversation with your doctor.