ADHD in school

Learn more about ADHD and talk to your doctor

ADHD symptoms - how to recognize the signs at school

You may be suffering from adult ADHD and not even know it. 

Some symptoms include difficulty with:


Managing your time

Falling behind on assignments

Asking for project extensions


Getting started

Leaving assignments to the last minute


Staying focused
and sticking with it

Difficulty with concentrating in class


Feeling overwhelmed
with the amount of work

Difficulty with organization


Maintaining motivation
and a positive attitude

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ADHD isn’t just an issue in school

If you are experiencing challenges related to ADHD in school, you are likely impacted in other parts of your life. It’s important to recognize how adult ADHD may be impacting you in all aspects of your everyday life so you can work with your doctor to find a management strategy that works for you.

How to talk to your doctor?

When you talk to your doctor about ADHD, it is important for you to describe your experiences and how this is impacting on your life. You can refer to your ADHD screener results during your discussion with your doctor.

To help you in your conversation with your doctor, we have created a discussion guide.